Buying a home is a huge decision and a long-term commitment. When prospective homebuyers complete these classes they will be better prepared for what to expect during the process as well as the ongoing responsibilities of homeownership.

What will I learn?

    In this class we cover everything from the pre-approval process to closing your new home to ensure you are 100% comfortable with each and every step.

  1. The importance of your credit score
  2. The home finance process
  3. How to find the right home for YOU

How long is the class?

  1. The class will typically run 20 minutes with a Q & A at the end of the class
  2. We will also have a licensed loan officer at all classes for private consulting at no charge

Where do the courses take place?

  1. We have the class every Monday at 6PM
  2. The classes will be held at 1800 Camden Rd. Suite D109 Charlotte, NC 28203

How much do the classes cost?

  1. The classes are FREE, you just need to sign up online or over the phone
  2. To sign up, give us a call at (800) 755-9284 or fill out the form below!

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