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Why QC Lending?

Mortgage Brokers have access to an unlimited number of loan programs. Your local bank, or even your local big bank, has one program; theirs. If you don’t qualify for their program, you’re out of luck. A Mortgage Broker has access to the loan that’s right for you, not the bank.


Mortgage Brokers work for you. Our success lies in your complete satisfaction. We do the shopping, negotiating, and details for you. That means no duplication of applications and no duplication of documents. Plus, your service is personalized. You’ll work with one loan officer through the entire process.


Mortgage Brokers have better rates. We don’t have a staff of tens of thousands and we don’t have a sky scraper, so our costs are low. We pass that on to you in the form of lower rates. Less overhead means less need for high rates.


Mortgage Brokers are licensed federally and by each state. Did you know that loan officers at banks only have to pass the employment background check? As a Mortgage Broker, we are licensed nationally and by each state in which we do business by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). That means your broker has gone through extensive training, education, and background screening to ensure you are getting a true licensed professional, not just an agent on the other end of the phone.